Living in Bumble, means we need bumbles.  The Boy, chocolate puppy, mummy bumble, me and then squeaky pup. Originally I made 4 (all except Mummy B) but The Boy felt that she needed one too... An easy amigurumi pattern, free (of course) from Ravelry Bee Breezy from "Adventure Time", I'm pretty sure they were supposed to… Continue reading Bumbles!


Flowers in her hair

It's festival season and that can only mean one thing!  Flowers in your (or the dog's) hair!  I made these for a festival that I went to in Cambridge.  They are so simple. Find a flower pattern that you like - there are free ones on Love Knitting, The Spruce, Mollie Makes (I could go on)… Continue reading Flowers in her hair


Pretty in Pink

I'm loving this bag, and I think it's a very suitable present for a little girl 🙂 The pink is Sidar snuggly crofter, baby Fair Isle effect DK, the white is a sparkly DK that I have in stock.  Pattern was from Red Heart The little purse was so simple 6 treble (US double) into a… Continue reading Pretty in Pink


Life is a party. Dress like it

(Quote from Audrey Hepburn) And she was so right, in so many ways! Pink Gingham with a few little flowers, a lot of shirring elastic and a fair amount of patience. This dress design was so, so easy. Simply take a piece of fabric, the length that you want it to be (allowing for a… Continue reading Life is a party. Dress like it