Ever heard of a Narwhal?  No, I hadn't either until I read this.  So I made one. Cute isn't he. I used this free pattern, and some yarn I had in stock. It never ceases to amaze me what patterns you can find!


Only a little woof

The boy challenged me to make a little sausage dog for a person who loves dachshund.  I didn't have a pattern, so created one based on amigurumi crochet and previous things that I've made.  et voila. This cheeky chappy!



Living in Bumble, means we need bumbles.  The Boy, chocolate puppy, mummy bumble, me and then squeaky pup. Originally I made 4 (all except Mummy B) but The Boy felt that she needed one too... An easy amigurumi pattern, free (of course) from Ravelry Bee Breezy from "Adventure Time", I'm pretty sure they were supposed to… Continue reading Bumbles!