When Santa got stuck…

...up the Chimney.  Well he would, wouldn't he - it's a stove! These are the most awesome thing I think I've made this Christmas.  3 stockings.  1 for dad, 1 for mum and 1 for baby's first Christmas.  They are patchwork, lined and fluffy.  Now we just have to think of something to fill them!


Gin or wine?

It's a tough decision, but one that every girl (or boy) has to make. Gin, or wine, and then... what glass charm colour to use! In my case, I had to go one further and decide which 6 buttons to use.  I think I like the purple best!   These are made using a 4… Continue reading Gin or wine?


Basket Case

So, what do you make for someone who has, quite literally, everything?  Something to store stuff in.  Excellent idea. So, for mum's birthday, I made her 3 woolly baskets.  In blue, her favourite colour, with a red trim... because I could. A slight variation on this free love Yarnspirations pattern they are shorter and smaller. They are… Continue reading Basket Case