Well, someone said they didn't like Christmas decorations, so they will get a minion instead. This amazing pattern (although slightly adapted) is free on Ravelry, super easy to follow and looks amazing.


Gin or wine?

It's a tough decision, but one that every girl (or boy) has to make. Gin, or wine, and then... what glass charm colour to use! In my case, I had to go one further and decide which 6 buttons to use.  I think I like the purple best!   These are made using a 4… Continue reading Gin or wine?


The earth laughs in flowers…

Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson I was asked to crochet some flowers... easy. um... but not with this yarn, so I opted to knit them instead. This is a free pattern available on Ravelry.  It had to be simple, because the yarn was fluffy.  The flowers needed to sit flat (they were going on a baby… Continue reading The earth laughs in flowers…


was it…..FLUFFY!!!??

I like a challenge... and this certainly was one! Despicable Me 3's lil fluffy unicorn.  I based it on this free pattern, and then added some of my own creative differences. Instead of using felt for the ears and tongue, I crocheted them in / on,  and the fluffy tail and mane became crochet loops… Continue reading was it…..FLUFFY!!!??