The earth laughs in flowers…

Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson I was asked to crochet some flowers... easy. um... but not with this yarn, so I opted to knit them instead. This is a free pattern available on Ravelry.  It had to be simple, because the yarn was fluffy.  The flowers needed to sit flat (they were going on a baby… Continue reading The earth laughs in flowers…


Bare… feet feet feet

A fantastic idea for summer - especially for people like me who seem to prefer the 'barefoot' look (otherwise know as: I can't be bothered with shoes). These are simple crochet accessories that are designed to make your feet look super pretty. I've made 5 different designs - some for friends, but mostly for me!… Continue reading Bare… feet feet feet


Flowers in her hair

It's festival season and that can only mean one thing!  Flowers in your (or the dog's) hair!  I made these for a festival that I went to in Cambridge.  They are so simple. Find a flower pattern that you like - there are free ones on Love Knitting, The Spruce, Mollie Makes (I could go on)… Continue reading Flowers in her hair