Gin or wine?

It's a tough decision, but one that every girl (or boy) has to make. Gin, or wine, and then... what glass charm colour to use! In my case, I had to go one further and decide which 6 buttons to use.  I think I like the purple best!   These are made using a 4… Continue reading Gin or wine?


Basket Case

So, what do you make for someone who has, quite literally, everything?  Something to store stuff in.  Excellent idea. So, for mum's birthday, I made her 3 woolly baskets.  In blue, her favourite colour, with a red trim... because I could. A slight variation on this free love Yarnspirations pattern they are shorter and smaller. They are… Continue reading Basket Case


Sparkly heart

Ok, so this one isn't exactly as the pattern specified.  That's the trouble with UK and US crochet terms being different.  A double in the US is a treble in the UK - and as I worked out later, this was a UK pattern, which I read as having US terms.  Oops.  Doesn't look so… Continue reading Sparkly heart