Christmas Paw-ocking

This is something that I really couldn't resist.  A doggy stocking for my doggy friends.  The pattern is available on YouTube.  It was so much fun to make - I just hope he likes it.  Now to make some treats to fill it!


When Santa got stuck…

...up the Chimney.  Well he would, wouldn't he - it's a stove! These are the most awesome thing I think I've made this Christmas.  3 stockings.  1 for dad, 1 for mum and 1 for baby's first Christmas.  They are patchwork, lined and fluffy.  Now we just have to think of something to fill them!



It's that time of  year when all good crafty people start making presents... (ok, so I started in July, but hey!). These little fella's (or girlies??) are for 2 very special mini-people who simply love penguins! The pattern is from this amazing site - Fresh Stitches.  Their little animals are absolutely adorable!